2019 Schedule  Match dates with * next to them, see below for info

Updated 12/30/18

MONTH         PPS                       RBPS                WPS

JAN                 20

FEB                 17

MAR               17/31*

APR                 21                                                    6/20*

MAY                19                                                    11/25*

JUN                  16/29-30*                                       1/

JUL                   20*                         19-21*              13/27*

AUG                 18                                                    2-4*/17*

SEP                  15/29*                                                     7

OCT                 20                                                    5

NOV                                                                          2


Matches with * additional info below

Pathfinder and Co. is putting on another Falling Steel Match…..


125+ rounds if you’re good; 200+ rounds if you’re not. 4-5 stages of 21-28 steel per stage. Divisions: Open Auto, Stock Auto, Open Revolver, Stock Revolver, Carry Optics and PCC.
Squads at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM$15 First Entry/ $5 Second Entry (1 entry morning; 1 entry afternoon)

Start position: standing behind table, gun in hand, muzzle touching table, 10 rounds max in gun to start. All reloads to be NYS compliant. Reloads can come from table or belt. Any ammo hitting the ground is considered dead and cannot be used. At start signal, engage all steel until it falls. Steel is set for 125 PF; no calibrations allowed. 60 second par time per stage, after which steel left standing will incur a 5 second penalty. Final score based on your time plus penalties for standing steel.

This is a fun match. Winners will receive the respect of their shooting companions, nothing more (and probably less..).

Any questions, contact Jim at

Watervliet (WPS) hosting anual ICORE match see their website for more info second dates with* represent SCSA matches

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