Section News

2020 Section meeting minutes.

11:00 at GCL .

Mike Cole(RBPS), Bob Urban(RBPS), Joe Kopec(WNYPPL), Jim Wheeler(PPS), Tom Scott(GCL), Eli Saber(ORGC), Steve Verdi(ORGC), Paul Roberts(GCL)
Conference Call
Maryann Melisi(Watervliet), Square Deal
Election of Section Coordinator
Robert Hilfiker elected unanimously

ELS Sectional match for 2020 will be hosted by Rochester Brooks July 11-12, 2020
ORGC and GCL have agreed to switch ELS hosting years. ORGC now in 2022 and GCL in 2024.
GCL Firecracker is June 26-27, 2020 Match fee is $63, signup on PractiScore
Ontario (ORGC) will host their Veterans Match on August 1-2, 2020. They will be looking for clubs in the section to sponsor a stage and submit stage designs.
Rochester Brooks Invitational will be August 14-16, 2020
Area 7 match is June 26-28, 2020 in Dunbarton, NH

It was felt that the year could better be planned if the sectional meeting was held at an earlier date. It was voted unanimously to change the date to the last Sunday in November. The next meeting will be held at GCL on November 29, 2020, at 11:00.

approx. 12:15


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